Glasgow Third Sector Interface

Supporting Glasgow's Third Sector to function, grow and thrive!

About Us

Third Sector Interfaces ensure the Third Sector is supported, developed and represented at local level. They came into being in 2011, giving Scottish Government and local Councils a Third Sector point of contact in each area.

Glasgow’s Third Sector Interface is an unincorporated partnership between Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector, Glasgow Social Enterprise Network, Volunteer Glasgow and Glasgow Third Sector Interface Network.

There have recently been some changes within the Glasgow TSI, so this site is currently under construction. Check back soon for more info, or in the meantime you can email

This partnership fulfils the first three aims of Third Sector Interfaces:

To develop and support social enterprises

To develop and support voluntary organisations in their local areas

To promote and support volunteering

Third Sector Interface Partners

 Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector (GCVS)

GCVS is the main development agency and advocate for voluntary and community organisations in Glasgow. GCVS supports the sustainability and growth of voluntary organisations and groups through a wide range of services including: advice; information; representation; training; capacity building; and back office service provision.

 Glasgow Social Enterprise Network (GSEN)

GSEN is made up of social enterprise leaders who believe social enterprise can transform Glasgow. In order to promote and support social enterprise development GSEN and its members:

  • Provide leadership on issues of importance to social enterprise;
  • Build capacity and strengthens relationships;
  • Communicate with and on behalf of social enterprise in Glasgow to inform policy, planning and decision-making;
  • Gather data and produce research and analysis;
  • Support and contribute to the work of the Third Sector Forum as the main route for strategic engagement with Community Planning partners.

Elizabeth Docherty


Volunteer Glasgow

Volunteer Glasgow promotes and supports volunteering in the third, public and private sectors. It also provides community development, befriending and mentoring, training, community care, and advisory services.

Glasgow Third Sector Interface Network (GTSIN)

GTSIN‘s primary role is to connect the Third Sector to community planning in Glasgow, so that the sector can inform and influence CPP decision-making.

Kathleen Caskie

GTSIN Manager